Corporate Profile

The Bank began operations in 2008 as a California state-chartered commercial bank. The Bank was organized by a group of very experienced bankers, some of whom began their banking careers in Asia and have worked together for a total of 82 years at various banks in California in the 1980s and 1990s. After working for many years in positions of increasing responsibility at such banks, these individuals identified an opportunity resulting from the 2007 credit crisis to capitalize on the general dissatisfaction that many customers had with the nature and level of services that were being provided by existing Asian-American and Chinese-American banks. These bankers observed that first generation Chinese immigrants were not well-served by existing banks.

Our strategic plan focuses on providing commercial banking services to first generation immigrants, concentrating on Chinese immigrants, as well as Koreans and other Asian ethnicities. The Bank’s management team has utilized their strong local community ties along with their credibility and relationships with both federal and California bank regulatory agencies to create a bank that we believe emphasizes strong credit quality, a solid balance sheet without the burden of the troubled legacy assets of other banks, and a robust capital base, with the ability to raise additional capital.

Although the Bank serves all ethnicities, our board and management team are comprised of mostly Chinese- Americans. Using the experience and expertise of our officers and employees, we have tailored our loan and deposit products to serve the Chinese-American, Korean-American, and other Asian American market niches we serve. We focus both on existing businesses and individuals already established in our local market area, as well Asian immigrants who desire to establish their own businesses, purchase a home, or educate their children in the United States. Our size and infrastructure allow us to serve customers that require higher lending limits than normally associated with other smaller, local banking institutions that serve the Asian-American communities in which we operate. Our strategic plan is centered on delivering high-touch, superior customer service, customized solutions, and quick and local decision-making with respect to loan originations and servicing.

The Bank initially offered lending products that included traditional CRE loans, secured C&I loans, and trade finance services for companies doing business in China, Taiwan and other Asian countries. In 2014, we began originating a significant amount of non-conforming SFR mortgage loans, a portion of which we accumulate and sell to other banks. Since 2010, we have also originated SBA loans, with the intent to accumulate and periodically sell the 75% guaranteed portion of such loans.

After forming the Bank and retaining a strong executive management team, we established the Company as our holding company in January 2011. We began to review potential acquisition candidates and, in July 2011, we acquired Las Vegas, Nevada-based FAB, in an all cash transaction. In September 2011, we acquired Oxnard, California-based VCBB, in an all cash transaction. After closing both transactions, our total assets and total deposits increased by an aggregate of $94.2 million and $91.6 million, respectively. In order to further improve our capital and liquidity to further enhance our ability to consummate acquisitions, we conducted a private placement offering of our common stock in 2012, raising over $54 million from investors, many of whom were original shareholders of the Bank.

In May 2013, we acquired LANB, in an all cash transaction, which added $190.7 million in total assets and $162.0 million in total deposits. In February 2016, we acquired TFC and its wholly-owned subsidiary, TomatoBank, which added $469.9 million in total assets and $405.3 million in total deposits. In March 2016, we further supplemented our capital by issuing $50.0 million of subordinated notes, which we refer to as long-term debt in our consolidated financial statements.

We intend to continue to pursue growth opportunities, both organically as well as through acquisitions that meet our criteria. We will target acquisitions that we believe will be beneficial to our long-term growth strategy for loans and deposits and immediately accretive to earnings. We believe that this offering and the registration of our shares of common stock offered by this prospectus will enable us to be more competitive for future acquisitions by allowing us to include our common stock as potential merger consideration.

We operate as a minority depository institution, which is defined by the FDIC, as a federally insured depository institution where 51 percent or more of the voting stock is owned by minority individuals. A minority depository institution is eligible to receive from the FDIC and other federal regulatory agencies training, technical assistance and review, and assistance regarding the implementation of proposed new deposit taking and lending programs, as well as with respect to the adoption of applicable policies and procedures governing such programs. We intend to maintain our minority depository institution designation following completion of this offering, as it is expected that at least 51% of our issued and outstanding share capital will still be owned by minority individuals. The minority depository institution designation has been historically beneficial to us, as the FDIC has reviewed and assisted with the implementation of our deposit and lending programs, and we continue to use the program for technical assistance. Due to our growth and size, and what we believe is a historically strong relationship with the FDIC, we anticipate that the FDIC will continue to provide technical assistance reviewing our existing and proposed lending and deposit programs. Accordingly, we believe any loss of our minority depository institution designation will not adversely affect our financial condition, results of operation or business because we have already benefited greatly from the designation and anticipate leveraging those historic benefits into any new deposit and lending programs we may develop.

In addition, in 2016, we became a CDFI, which is a financial institution that has a primary mission of community development, serves a target market, is a financing entity, provides development services, remains accountable to its community, and is a non-governmental entity. CDFIs are certified by the CDFI Fund at the Treasury, which provide funds to CDFIs through a variety of programs. The Bank has received grants totaling $415,000 from the CDFI Fund. We have established a CDFI advisory board to assist the Bank in finding organizations that provide services to low- to-moderate income people. In our commitment to this designation, the Bank has a policy that requires all directors and management above the level of vice president to contribute at least 24 hours of community service annually to a qualified organization.

The Bank currently operates 13 branches across three separate regions: Los Angeles County, California; Ventura County, California; and Clark County, Nevada. We currently have ten branches in Los Angeles County, located in downtown Los Angeles, San Gabriel, Torrance, Rowland Heights, Monterey Park, Silverlake, Arcadia, Cerritos, Diamond Bar, and west Los Angeles. We have two branches in Ventura County, located in Oxnard and Westlake Village, and one branch in Las Vegas, Nevada.